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Amy Venn Shepard

I've led high-growth companies and put myself in the hospital from stress and exhaustion. I've served halfway around the world and haven't always been present for my own kids. I've learned -- and now I teach -- how to achieve an amazingly fulfilling, rich life from a place of balance, clarity and power.

I used to help organizations achieve their potential; now I share my frameworks, practices and wisdom so that people like you can fulfill your potential by designing and achieving the life of your dreams. Live fully in your own peace, power and fullest potential.

LOVE: Relationship Coach

Certified Enneagram Marriage
& Family Coach

High School Youth Ministry leader 7+ years

Mom of 3; each with their unique gifts and challenges, including Aspergers and Transgender.

Married for nearly 30 years to the most sensitive man on the planet; which also means I married the most f*&%ing sensitive man on the entire planet!!!


WORK: Business Coach

Proven entrepreneur & small business leader

Successful branding & marketing strategist

Strategic innovator & creator

Highly effective business coach & consultant

Custom frameworks and processes

Holistic, effective habit training

Certified Enneagram Coach

Design Thinking expert


LIVE: Life Coach

Certified Enneagram Coach

Holistic Life Design Coach

Certified Yoga Instructor

Reiki Master I & II

Jesus Lover

Designer, Speaker & Writer

Passionate Outdoorswoman

Committed to Justice, Access & Action


Become the Best Version of You!

I'm committed to coaching and guiding people to become their best selves and reach their dreams and potential. Let's keep in touch, and you'll be one of the first to know when I publish fresh insights and offer life-changing experiences.