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Have fun. Reduce conflict. Transform your relationships.

Empower your kids. Strengthen your marriage. Be a good friend.

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Love Well

All relationships have their challenging times but it's how you respond to them that changes everything. The Enneagram gives you and your partner or child great ways to understand each other, bring out the best in each other while remaining true to yourself.

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Free Consultation

Let's get to know each other! Let's talk about what's going on with you, what dreams you have, and how I can help you achieve them. 
~30-minute session~


Discovering You

Discover your enneagram type and begin to understand yourself better to transform and thrive.
~55-minute session~


Relationship Session

Understand yourselves in simple, powerful ways. Learn how to "speak each other's language." 
~One 85-minute session~


Relationship Coaching

Feeling stuck or hurt? Let's work on your most significant relationships: spouse, kids, business partner or friend.
~Eight 85-minute sessions~



"Amy's enneagram coaching gave my teenager and I a common language
and common understanding at a time in their life when connections can be rare
and precious. These years are so hard, and moving so fast. This investment was worth it for all of us."

~ J & E

Secret Codes

"Using the enneagram is like having secret codes to understand each other. It is so much easier to understand him and I no longer assume we are coming from the same place. I love our differences, now that I understand them."

~ D & T

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